Public Schools are the RIGHT CHOICE

Because 90% of America’s children attend public schools, strengthening our public schools is absolutely imperative.

Public education is not selective

The very existence of Parents for Public Schools is a testament to parents who believe that public education is so valuable that it is worth fighting for. PPS parents come together in small rural communities, mid-sized cities, and large urban centers not to complain about our schools, but to work with them to make a quality public education available to all students, no matter their neighborhood, ethnicity, race, or gender. Public education is the bedrock of our democracy, indicative of our belief that everyone should have the opportunity to receive the learning that will provide a pathway to a successful future. Public education is not selective. It is available to all.

Help us keep our public schools strong. Help us keep our country strong. Give today. Public schools … still the right choice.

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Our strength is in our numbers. Thank you for joining with other parents throughout the country to make public schools great. Please feel free to make a donation to the chapters below or complete the donation form below to make your contribution to the National Office.

PPS Ambassadors

  • Anne Foster

  • Eddie Fulton

  • Catrena Hawkings

  • Kathy Herring

  • Marilyn James


  • Susie Kaeser

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  • Maretta Robbins

  • Daniel Smith

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  • Keith Worshaim

  • Patricia Wright

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