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Be the change that Mississippi children need to succeed.

Join our statewide network of people who understand that strong, high quality public schools equates to

  • healthier people
  • better paying jobs
  • more of our hard earned taxes staying in-state, instead of leaving
  • more of our children and grandchildren staying, instead of leaving
  • a growing economy
  • more civic-minded people engaged in solving local problems
  • a better quality of life for families and individuals
  • a win/win for every Mississippian!

Let’s educate Mississippi together to be the change we all need.

Yes! I want to be part of positive change in Mississippi by connecting with other Mississippians who are becoming informed, speaking up, and taking action to prioritize our public schools.

I want to receive notification(s) about:

  • learning opportunities in or near my community
  • how I can connect with others who care
  • how I can connect with elected officials and/or candidates
  • how to become a civic leader in and for my community
  • opposing efforts to privatize public education in Mississippi