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PPS Works Because We Work Our PEP!

We offer three distinct, highly interactive  Parent Engagement Programs (PEP) to help parents learn how to positively influence their children for success, beginning at birth. Parents learn the importance of deliberately influencing children for success, beginning at birth and continuing through high school, is a major theme in our curriculums.

Our Parent Engagement Programs

PEP – Early Childhood

Even before children become school age, parents may benefit from the PPS Early Childhood Development PEP.

PEP – Parent Leadership

Parent Leadership PEP helps parents understand the challenges of education systems today and enhances their confidence in supporting their children’s education.

PEP – Graduation Ready

The Graduation Ready PEP is a dual-generation program that brings together middle school students and their parents or guardians for conversations about the future.

What PEP graduates
are saying

I never in a million years saw myself being any sort of an elected public official, I just felt ignited, you know, something in me that Parents for Public Schools gave me, that strong foundation and they really motivated me to dig deep into myself and find a side of me that I really didn't even know was there.

Betsy FlanaganSchool Board Vice Chair
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  • Help students become high achievers from birth through high school
  • Recognize social and emotional factors that affect children’s learning
  • Influence children’s education success at home and at school
  • Use proven techniques to help boost their children’s learning
  • Become advocates for quality education for their children and others
  • Work with schools to handle difficult situations where children face bullying, violence, or other issues
  • Properly communicate with schools and other parents to resolve issues of concern

How Can PEP – Early Childhood Make a Positive Difference?

PEP-ECD focuses on brain development in the early years, providing parents guidance for maximizing their children’s emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development. Parents learn that readiness for k-12 education begins at birth, and that they have the power to help prepare their children for academic success from the very start of life.

As with the longstanding PPS Parent Leadership and Graduation Ready curriculums, PEP-ECD is research-based. It provides parents insight about proven strategies to enhance their role in the brain development of their children, covering emotional and social factors that come into play. The six core modules of the curriculum can be covered in a concise period of time to accommodate busy schedules of parent participants and sponsoring organizations. This training also is a great opportunity for pre-k entities and organizations to enroll childcare supervisors and workers for training alongside parents.

When Does Learning Start?

According to experts who have studied brain development in children, infants start learning the moment they enter the world.

Brain development research concludes that infants and children tend to learn some skills more readily than others, depending upon the stage of their brain development. Generally, parents can expect their toddlers to be ready for distinct types of learning, depending upon their age.

PEP – Parent Leadership: Equipping Parents for Advocacy

In a multi-day program, PPS’ Parent Engagement Program / Parent Leadership shows parents how to become effective partners in their children’s education. Parents learn the landscape of school and district operations, gain understanding of school accountability issues, explore techniques for effective communication with schools, and examine how to develop ongoing positive parent-school relationships. Participants also learn how to reduce barriers to learning at home, school and/or in their communities.

PEP – Graduation Ready

PPS’ dual-generation Graduation Ready helps parents and their middle school students with career awareness, career exploration, and career preparation. At the same time, this special training provides an opportunity for conversations between parents and their middle school children to ensure that students are on track and on time on their path toward high school graduation and post-secondary success.

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Parent Engagement Training Has Benefits


  • Parents will be better informed about education, in general 
  • Parents will have clearer understanding of education terms/jargon which facilitates more effective conversations between parents, teachers and students 
  • Parents will have clearer understanding of what children are expected to learn and be able to do 
  • Parents will place higher value on education for their child and for themselves 
  • Parents will help schools better communicate with all parents 


  • Schools will have parents who are better informed about the challenges schools face 
  • Schools will have parents who are more supportive of schools and school staff 
  • Schools will have parents who are better prepared to serve as effective members of school committees, councils, etc. 
  • Schools will have parents who understand the need to be involved in their child’s education 
  • Schools will have parents who can bring skills and resources to schools 


  • Students will have parents who better understand their  strengths and challenges at school 
  • Students will know their parents are interested in and value their education 
  • Students will have parents who are stronger advocates, decision-makers and teachers 
  • Students will have greater likelihood of achieving at higher levels and continuing education after high school 


Communities will benefit from the improvements that parent training brings to schools because strong schools mean strong communities.  It all starts with education.



Partnerships between parents and other adults that regularly touch their children’s lives can have a powerful impact upon children’s learning. When all understand and work together in fulfilling their unique role(s),

  • PEP graduates are energized
  • Education advocates are mobilized and
  • Student success is maximized
Let us put PEP to work for you!

The great Frederick Douglass was recorded saying, ‘it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.’ When I think about how Parents for Public Schools empowers parents, the aforementioned quote comes to mind. Parents for Public Schools is equipping parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to partner with our public schools and ensure that we build strong children.

Anthony Herbert, PEP GraduateSchool Administrator, Pascagoula, MS