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What is Parents for Public Schools?

Parents for Public Schools (PPS) is a national organization of community-based chapters. It is an organization of parents, for parents (and other supporters) that works to improve and strengthen local public schools.

How long has PPS been around?

PPS was started as a local organization in Jackson, MS in 1989 – two years later, PPS was incorporated as a national membership organization with a unique model for organizing parents at the local level.

How is PPS different from PTA?

Chapters have no official connection to the school district, but are autonomous, community-based agents for systemic change. PPS encourages membership in and is compatible with the campus-based work of PTA and other organizations.

What makes PPS unique?

  • PPS is one of the few national education organizations with a national presence and with connections into local communities through our chapters
  • It is one of the few parent organizations advocating for systemic and district-wide reforms
  • It is the only national group that focuses solely on parents of public school children

Do I have to be a parent to join Parents for Public Schools?

Absolutely not. Membership is open to any person or organization who supports our goals. However, PPS does represent an autonomous parent voice, a voice which is often unequally represented in public discussions.

Why form a Parents for Public Schools chapter?

First and foremost, PPS chapters help parents think critically about the advantages of public education – for an individual child and whole communities. Chapters have been formed in communities for different reasons – to address specific issues such as ensuring safety and discipline; building bridges over economic, racial and social divides; improving facilities; strengthening parent leadership; expanding curricula; curbing middle class flight and increasing positive media coverage.

Our chapters provide a way for parents to organize and develop a sense of their own credibility and power. More specifically, chapters help parents work with school and district leaders to develop informed solutions to pressing problems. Through the work of PPS chapters, parents become dynamic and passionate education advocates and change agents, able and willing to speak for all children, not just their own.

What if I want to form a PPS chapter?

For more information on forming a PPS chapter in your community, visit Forming a Chapter.

How do PPS chapters represent effective parent involvement?

  • Chapters serve as an independent, credible way that parents can address their concerns to districts and school administrators
  • Chapters work to create new, more positive environments in which parents can actively participate
  • Chapters are inclusive, diverse and actively engage those not traditionally at the policy-making table
  • Chapters seek mutually respectful relationships with administrators, teachers and elected officials
  • Chapters set high expectations for school and system-wide or district performance
  • Chapters and their members are powerful and passionate – able, willing and eager to speak for all children

How do you join PPS?

Click on the chapter in your area to get the chapter website where you can sign up.

What if there is no chapter in my area?

Join PPS mailing list and receive information dealing with public education issues.

Are contributions to PPS tax exempt?

Parents for Public Schools is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization and contributions are deductible to the extent allowed by law. Click here to make your donation.