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PPS National Equity Statement

Parents for Public Schools envisions a nation where families and communities are actively engaged in strengthening public schools for each child. Parents for Public Schools advocates for equitable, diverse, and inclusive policies and practices in all communities so our children, parents, families, and communities are able to thrive in today’s world and tomorrow’s future.

Understanding the intersection of systemic racism, sexism, and classism as they combine to create multiple forms of oppression in the lives of this country’s most marginalized is key as we attempt to support and improve our public schools across the country. As an organization we denounce oppression in any form and welcome all who will join us in our quest to stand up for diversity, equity and inclusion of all students. We support the teaching of civil rights-related history and also how issues of racial justice are unfolding in our society today.

We recognize that we cannot reach this goal unless we acknowledge, address, and seek to overcome the systematic prejudice and bias that permeates our school systems. We recognize that systemic underinvestment, racial prejudice, and intolerance may prevent many parents, families, and communities from engaging meaningfully with schools.

Our efforts require parents and communities of all races, ethnicities, and income levels to work together to face these challenges. We are committed to transforming the internal operations of our organization by confronting biases, integrating equity values, and creating opportunities for marginalized families to lead. We will fight against discrimination of any kind being gender, race, ethnicity, financial, immigrant status, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, special abilities, or any other factor contributing to the inequities of our communities.

Submitted by:

Policy and Public Relations Committee of PPS National Board of Directors 

Brittany Gray – Chair

Committee Members:

Kathy Herring

Alan Richard

MJ Rodriguez

Carolyn Sievers

Terrence Wilson