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Far too often, community members underestimate how pivotal their role is in public education. As tax-payers, citizens are owners of public schools and have a right to partner with them to increase student achievement. Because stronger schools lead to stronger communities, it is important for all community members, not just parents, to use their voices in order to positively impact public education.

Parents for Public Schools empowers members with essential knowledge and skills that allow them to navigate the education system and to use their voices to create change within local systems.

For 30 years, PPS has worked diligently to improve schools for our nation’s students by developing public school advocates and leaders. We know that, when our members acquire this knowledge, they are well-equipped to serve as leaders in schools and school districts.

Membership Benefits

PPS Members Only Portal

Members-only access to PPS content

PPS Conferences

Personalized invitations to PPS regional and national conferences

Inside PPS (IPPS) editions

Quarterly stories of impact and updates from our network of chapters

PPS Clearinghouse Subscription

Thematically-focused current news about what’s happening in public school. PPS members will receive 2 editions every month.

PPS Newsletter

Monthly news stories and updates from PPS National and PPS chapters. Parent resources are also included to keep members aware of current trends and happenings in public education.

PPS Annual Impact Report

Highlights PPS impact in communities nationwide over the past fiscal year.


Become a member of PPS today! Your voice and your leadership are needed to ensure equity is a reality for all public school students.