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PPS of Hawi'i

This is a rare and difficult time for everyone in our State, including families of children in our public schools, educators, healthcare providers, and other essential workers. Mahalo to all the family members and others providing important services. Your Parents for Public Schools of Hawai‘i board is concerned about our Hawai‘i families and how many are struggling to care for the physical and emotional health and learning needs of their children. 

We would like your help to determine our PPS Hawai‘i requests of our Hawai‘i public schools. We are conducting a survey to gather parent views. After considering the first round of responses, PPS Hawai‘i supports the following statements:  

  1. Schools should be accountable for the students on their rolls, communicating regularly with them and their families through various means available, including phone, email, text, and online as appropriate 
  2. Schools should facilitate two-way communication with families, such that families have a means to communicate their needs, as well as learn what the schools are providing;  
  3. School curricula and enrichment materials should be offered to ensure that students know what they should be doing and families know how they can assist their children in keeping up with their learning during mandates to keep children at home This could be in the form of paper packets for some, tablets or computer downloads for others. 


“From the responses so far, we have learned that:”  

  1. 70% of the families stated that their schools or teachers communicate with them 1-3 times each week. Some of the families with middle and high school students stated that they do not consistently hear from all of their students’ teachers.  
  2. Responses varied regarding whether families felt that the activities and assignments being provided to their children was adequate for their learning. About half of the families felt that the learning activities were adequate or more than adequate, while the other half felt it was only somewhat adequate or inadequate.  

PPS Hawai’i is communicating with various organizations focused on education in the State, including the Hawai‘i DOE. We want to be able to advocate for your family’s needs. The more people we hear from, the stronger our collective voice!