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PPS of Pitt County

In our Parent Engagement Program,

we talk a lot about the difference in involvement and engagement.

Both are great ways to connect with our children’s schools. Involvement entails doing things for the schools…like delivering orange juice for a monthly teacher breakfast. Engagement involves doing things with the schools…like chaperoning a field trip or reading to a class of students.

Both involvement and engagement look a bit different right now, but both are still happening in full force. The community has donated diapers, food, household items, and more, all forms of involvement. Parents have attended teacher conferences, sat with their children to work through virtual learning struggles and celebrations, organized “thank you” posters for bus drivers and cafeteria workers as they drive through neighborhoods, and so much more, all forms of engagement.

PPS has also remained engaged with the schools, and many of you have helped with these efforts. A diaper need was made known by social workers, and you met that need. Cafeteria workers need masks, and many of you are making those. Our friends at Thermo Fisher packed and donated 31 baskets of household goods that social workers delivered to families. Suddenlink has helped students get virtually connected.

By sharing communications from PCS social media and hosting FaceBook Live discussions with folks like Virginia Gaynor, Director of Exceptional Children, and Betsy Flanagan, Chair of the Board of Education, we hope that we are helping you remain engaged by being well
informed. As you continue to navigate new ways of engaging, we hope you will share those with PPS-PC so that we can share them with others. As of right now, we plan to host a Facebook Live discussion each Friday afternoon so that we can celebrate the victories of the
week and share ideas with one another. We hope to continue to learn all about how you are remaining involved and engaged.