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Celebrating Public Schools Across the Nation

This week we join numerous organizations and communities across the nation in celebration of Public Schools Week, taking time to spotlight the value of our public schools, and renewing our pledge to commit more vigorously to supporting our children’s quality education in the public schools. In doing so, we applaud the efforts of teachers, administrators, and school board members to whom we have given the charge of preparing children to be tech savvy, yet people sensitive. We do not underestimate the influence also of school secretaries, cooks, janitors, and many others who make up the school organization. Public education is unique in that it is open to all, regardless of background. It is continually evolving to keep pace with changes in technology, culture, legislation and numerous other influences. As Parents for Public Schools National, we salute our public schools and pledge our continued support.

The articles, videos and other information on this page this week are reminders of why we do what we do. Our hope is that all of us who believe in the importance of the public schools will be motivated to continually increase our momentum of support to assure that our children grow to be the intelligent, resourceful, and CARING adults that lead this country to greater heights than ever before.

Joann Mickens, Executive Director
PPS National

The Keep Safe App

Innovative Kids of Jackson Public School District

Four Mississippi students of the Jackson Public School District’s Career Development Center are multi-year winners of the U.S. Congress’s App Competition. In this video, they describe how they won 2018 recognition for their “Keep Safe” App. The students represented Mississippi Congressional District 2, served by Congressman Bennie Thompson.

Acceptance, Creativity, and Inspiration

Why the public schools exist?

San Francisco is a huge, diverse city where the public schools use the diversity of cultures and people to educate students beyond the basics. This 5-minute video is about parents, teachers, students and community working and learning in an environment of acceptance, creativity and inspiration.