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Public School Proud

Why We Chose the Public School Path: A Family’s Experience

This blog was written by Becky Glover, PPS Policy Analyst. Recently, we’ve seen state legislators, congressional officials, and others celebrating and promoting the privatization of public schools, which they call ‘school choice.’ Well, I’m here to tell folks some of the many reasons why our family chooses public schools. I support public schools because I grew up in a community with a strong, high-quality public school district that not only provided me with a great education but also learning opportunities not offered anywhere else. For instance, my public high school in Mississippi offered an elective class called Medical Careers. Taking...
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A Letter to Education Leaders and Policymakers

Download English Version Download Spanish Version In collaboration with the undersigned organizations representing over a million families across the country, we as Parent Leaders, are raising our collective voice for healthy, equitable, and quality education options for our children in this upcoming school year. We proclaim that our wisdom and experience is essential and must be included in conversations and decisions to reopen/restart schools in the midst of COVID-19. As national, state and local education leaders and policymakers offer plans for reopening schools it is critical that Parent Leaders, with and on behalf of their children, are at the table as co-decision...
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Educating Communities, Stimulating Hope

This is the final of two features about PPS National’s Community Coordinators. These unsung heroes work within communities to help citizens understand how to influence positive change in the places that they call home. Becky Glover came to work for PPS in 2009 at a time when she was “growing frustrated and weary with folks talking about public schools, but not actually doing anything hands-on and effective to strengthen or improve them.” Her son graduated from a public high school that same year. Becky’s family had experienced great benefits by being a part of the public schools over the years:...
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Empowering People to Transform Their Communities

This is the first of two features about PPS National’s Community Coordinators. These unsung heroes work within communities to help citizens understand how to influence positive change in the places that they call home. Chiquikta Fountain worked as a Parents for Public Schools Parent Coach for five years before becoming a PPS Community Coordinator. The new position meant working within communities to educate people about how to help improve their community’s standard of living. At first, the job was not exactly what she had in mind, to say the least. Chiquikta admits that the job had to “grow on her,”...
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Pitt County Economic Sector Reps Unite to Show Students Their County’s Career Options

Grow Local A subtitle goes here Great things happen when communities unite their resources! Pitt County Schools, the Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce, and the Pitt County Development Commission joined forces to sponsor Grow Local, a weeklong opportunity held March 18-22 for local businesses to highlight the careers available to the county's middle and high school students. Kathy Herring, board member of the Pitt County PPS, served on the planning team, providing input as organizers designed an event they hoped would engage 1,000 students with businesses across the county. They were thrilled that almost 3,000 students participated, taking advantage of...
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Congrats, Former PPS San Francisco Executive!

Courtesy NYC Department of Education. Hydra Mendoza, a founding member and former executive director of the San Francisco Parents for Public Schools Chapter, is now deputy chancellor for Community Empowerment, Partnerships and Communications at the New York Department of Education! We at PPS couldn’t be happier for her! She is featured in the Asian Journal. Check out her continuing story of helping empower parents and communities to positively influence children’s education!
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MS House Education Committee says No to Voucher Expansion

The members of the Mississippi Legislature’s House Education Committee, headed by Chairman Richard Bennett, should stand and take a bow. We applaud each of you for allowing Senate Bill 2675 to die quietly, without it even being considered by the committee deadline on March 5. Great Job!!! We at Parents for Public Schools couldn’t be more delighted! Senate Bill 2675, introduced by Sen. Gray Tollison, amounted to a voucher program, and would have expanded the Education Scholarship Account (ESA) program dollars for public school students with disabilities to include footing the bill for private school student education. Sen. Tollison’s bill...
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Public School Supporters Like Becky Goff

Parents have the absolute right to choose the education institution they believe is best for their children; they do not have the right to pilfer public tax funds to pay for that choice. Thank you, Ms. Goff, for your unequivocal support of public education in your letter to the editor, “A head’s up for public schools in Tennessee”.  Thank you for not flying the banner of “school choice,” under which we see the continual erosion of funding for our public schools. We at Parents for Public Schools (PPS) are also unequivocal in our support for public education and in our...
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